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Sunday, 23rd April 2017

– Citizens’ Assembly gives Oireachtas clear mandate for change –

Today, 23rd April 2017, the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA), welcomed the Citizens’ Assembly’s recommendations for comprehensive abortion law reform.

IFPA Chief Executive, Niall Behan said, “The Citizens’ Assembly has provided the Oireachtas Committee with an extremely strong imperative for change. There can be absolutely no doubt that the members of the Assembly want healthcare policy that respects women’s reproductive health rights, their dignity, autonomy and equality.”

Mr Behan continued, “The Oireachtas Committee must take a women-centred approach and focus on legislation and policy that will ensure access to abortion services.”

Mr Behan concluded by commending the members of the Citizens’ Assembly for their commitment over five months to the complex work of deliberating over the Eighth Amendment. “The Oireachtas must honour the work of the Assembly by taking their recommendations forward and delivering real, meaningful change for women.”