Abortion in Ireland

On May 25th 2018 the Irish people voted by a two thirds majority to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution. This opens the way for the introduction of a law to provide for abortion care in Ireland.

This is a great advance in sexual and reproductive health rights for women and girls in Ireland. The IFPA looks forward to providing abortion care at our clinics in Dublin. We will also continue to provide pregnancy counselling at our ten pregnancy counselling centres around the country.

Are abortion services now available?

Services will not become available until the Oireachtas passes a law to regulate the provision of abortion. Legislation is currently being prepared and will be debated in the Oireachtas in Autumn 2018.

In what circumstances will abortion be available?

Abortion will be available on a woman’s request up to 12 weeks pregnancy. After 12 weeks, abortion will be available only in cases of risk to life or health of the woman, or in cases of fatal foetal anomaly.

The IFPA’s vision for abortion care in Ireland

The IFPA believes that abortion is an intimate aspect of private life, intricately linked with human rights values and principles that protect women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive rights. These rights include the right to life, health, privacy, non-discrimination and to be free from cruel and degrading treatment. The IFPA supports the choices of women and girls with an unintended or crisis pregnancy in all circumstances.

We will now work to ensure that the Yes vote translates into rights-based and women-centred services that meet the requirements of international human rights law and are in line with best international healthcare practice. We will work to ensure that no woman or girl is discriminated against or experiences stigma when accessing care; that services are of high quality and are acceptable to women and girls; and that there are no cost-related or other barriers to accessing care.

The IFPA supports the choices of women and girls with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy in all circumstances.

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