It’s not always easy to talk to your kids about growing up.

Speakeasy is the IFPA’s eight-week programme designed to provide parents with the information, skills and confidence needed to talk to their children about relationships, sexuality and keeping safe.

It’s suitable for parents and guardians of kids of all ages – whether they’rejunior school age, entering puberty, or already teenagers.

Course Content

  • Puberty and reproduction
  • Influences on sexuality from inside and outside the home
  • Relationships and sexuality education and policies in school
  • How to answer your child’s questions using everyday learning opportunities
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Contraception
  • Keeping children safe from harm
  • Recommended resources and how to use them

“The guided discussion helped me be more clear, confident, fluent and aware of questions relating to sex, sexual health, and even my own values concerning these issues. I now notice opportunities for discussing this information with my daughter and feel more confident about what is appropriate and when. My daughter has noticed this new confidence in me and has approached me with her questions far more frequently and openly than she had before.”



If you would like more information on arranging a Speakeasy course, please fill in our inquiry form. Our training coordinator Breanna Coyle will contact you soon.

Speakeasy is the IFPA’s eight-week programme designed to provide parents with the information