IFPA Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

The IFPA envisages an Irish society where all people can enjoy a fulfilling sex life and can make informed choices in their sexual and reproductive lives; where there is full access to high quality information, education and health services regarding sex, sexuality, conception, contraception, safe abortion and sexually transmitted infections.

Mission Statement

The IFPA, its members, affiliates and supporters:

  • Promote and protect individual basic human rights in reproductive and sexual health, relationships and sexuality.
  • Promote and defend the right of all persons, including young people, to decide freely the number and spacing of their children (if any), so that every child is a wanted child.
  • Are committed to obtaining equal rights for women and young people, and to their empowerment in obtaining full participation in, and benefit from, social, political and economic development.
  • Are committed to working in alliance with all those who share our aims, and in co-operation with interested government and non-governmental bodies.

Read our Strategic Plan for 2017-2022.