Speakeasy Plus


For many years we have searched for information and guidance in relation to sexuality training for adults with extra support needs. This course has provided us with practical knowledge that is easy to implement, which will be really beneficial to our service users and their families as well as those who support them.”

Many parents or carers of a child with a physical or intellectual disability or with extra support needs fear the time when their child starts reaching puberty and takes an interest in others on an emotional and sexual level. They want to protect children while also giving them the empowerment to develop as informed adults.

Speakeasy Plus is an eight day training programme designed to provide parents or support workers of children or young people with a disability or with extra support needs with the skills, knowledge and confidence to talk openly about growing up, relationships, sexuality and keeping safe. The course is interactive and gives practical tips on how to safeguard young people while also helping them make healthy informed choices.

The course is suitable for parents or carers/support workers of children aged 5+ years.

Course content includes:

  • How to manage the challenges of puberty
  • Reproductive changes
  • Naming and identifying parts of the body
  • How to answer your child’s questions using everyday opportunities
  • Influences on sexuality from inside and outside the home
  • Types and rules of touch
  • Sexually transmitted infections (optional)
  • Contraception (optional)
  • Keeping children safe from harm
  • Recommended resources and how to use them
  • Relationships and sexuality education and policies in school


If you would like more information on Speakeasy or any of our other training programmes, please email educationandtraining@ifpa.ie

Please note that the 8-day programme is adaptable and can be completed over varying time frames.

The course is suitable for parents or carers/support workers of children aged 5+ years.