IFPA Service Costs

Updated February 2024


This page provides information on the costs of sexual and reproductive health services at both IFPA clinics.

If you have a Medical Card or a Doctor Visit Card, you may be entitled to some of our services at no cost or at a reduced rate.
Please contact one of our clinics  for additional information.

We provide translation services free of charge if requested in advance.

General Services

Consultation/Student consultation €60/€45
Follow-up appointment €40


If you’re aged 17 – 31 your contraception is now free. PPS number and proof of age are required. If you are outside this age bracket, the prices below apply.

Contraceptive Pill

Consultation/Student consultation €60/€45
Repeat pill appointment €50

DepoProvera (Contraceptive Injection)

Consultation/Student consultation €80/€60
Repeat appointment €65

Contraceptive Coil

Consultation/Student consultation €60/€45
Insertion – Hormonal coil (Mirena/Kyleena/Jaydess) €195
Insertion – Copper coil

Copper coil

(excludes IUB Ballerine which can be prescribed at your initial consultation for collection at your pharmacy and is available on both GMS and 17 – 31 Free Contraception Scheme free of charge and at a lower cost on the Drug Payment Scheme)




Re-fit €255
Removal €60
Optional local anaesthetic €50

Hormonal Implant

Consultation/Student consultation €60/€45
Insertion €120
Re-fit €200
Removal €120
Diaphram consultation & fitting €120
Repeat appointment €60

Abortion Care

Early abortion FREE (With a PPS Number)
Post abortion checkup FREE
If you do not have a PPSN, please talk to our reception staff for information.


Specialist pregnancy counselling FREE
Post abortion counselling FREE
The IFPA is pro-choice, we will always support you in whatever decision you make. Our counselling service is confidential, non-judgemental and non-directive.

Sexual Health

A non-refundable deposit of €50 is required to book an STI screening.
STI screening with Doctor €125
STI screening with Nurse €75
Repeat STI blood test €25
Cryotherapy consultation €90
Cryotherapy repeat appointment €35
Chlamydia test €40
Chlamydia test of cure (following treatment) €25

Cervical Screening

Screening is free for women and people with a cervix aged 25 – 65.
CervicalCheck cervical screening FREE


Menopause 1st appointment (phone) €80 (Paid in advance)
Menopause 2nd appointment (in clinic) €45 (Paid on the day)
Menopause bloods €25
Menopause repeat (phone) €50
Menopause repeat (in clinic) €60

FGM Treatment

FGM medical consultation FREE
FGM counselling FREE


Fertility consultation with partner €250
Fertility consultation without partner €200
This includes: fertility consultation with doctor, day 3 and day 21 blood tests and follow up, referral for semen analysis and review of results, referral to fertility clinic if required.

Extra Services

Swabs/Blood tests (in addition to consultation cost) €25
Pregnancy test (in addition to consultation cost) €20
Breast examination €60


Our pricelist (updated April 2023) is also available for download in pdf format here.