IFPA Service Costs

Updated February 2021

This page provides information on the costs of sexual and reproductive health services at both IFPA clinics.

If you have a medical card, you may be entitled to some services at a reduced rate. Please contact one of our clinics if you need additional information or advice.

General Services
Consultation/student consultation €60/€45
Follow-up appointment €30
Extra Services
Swabs/blood tests €25
Pregnancy test €20
Contraceptive pill consultation/student consultation €60/€45
Repeat appointment €50
DepoProvera (contraceptive injection) consultation/student consultation €80/€60
Repeat appointment €65
Contraceptive coil consultation/student consultation €60/€45
Insertion – Hormonal coil (Mirena/Kyleena/Jaydess) €195
Insertion – Copper coil €195
Re-fit €255
Removal €60
Hormonal implant consultation/student consultation €60/€45
Insertion €120
Re-fit €200
Removal €120
Diaphragm consultation €120
Repeat appointment €60
Emergency contraceptive pill (EllaOne) €60
Emergency contraceptive pill (Levonelle) €30
Sexual Health
STI screening with IFPA doctor €125
STI screening with IFPA nurse €75
Cryotherapy consultation €90
Cryotherapy repeat appointment €35
Chlamydia test €40
Chlamydia test of cure (following treatment) €25
HPV Cervical Screening
CervicalCheck screening appointment Free
Private screening appointment €150
Termination of Pregnancy Services/Abortion Care Free of charge with Irish PPS number
First appointment €150
Second appointment €300
Other services
Infertility consultation with/without partner

  • Anti-Mullerian hormone blood test


Menopause consultation €125
Breast examination €60