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The IFPA welcomes the introduction of NuvaRing to Ireland as a new method of taking hormonal contraception

By 14 May 2003October 8th, 2018News

– Release date: 15 April 2003

The IFPA welcomes the introduction of Nuvaring to Ireland as a new method of taking hormonal contraception. "Choice is an extremely important issue in contraception and any new method which extends women's choice is particularly good news. We welcome in particular the NuvaRing because it offers all the benefits of the combined oral contraceptive, but removes the need for daily action on the part of the woman." Said Sheila Jones, Medical Director of the IFPA.

More about the NuvaRing

The NuvaRing is a flexible, transparent, plastic ring that is inserted by the woman herself into her vagina for three weeks of every month. A new ring is inserted on the 8th day for another three weeks etc. It is a very low dose pill which is absorbed directly into the blood stream and is as effective as the oral contraceptive pill.

NuvaRing has the same advantages as the combined pill taken orally but is especially suitable for women who cannot remember to take the pill regularly or have difficulties with swallowing pills. Having diarrhoea or vomiting does not interfere with NuvaRing , it is reported to have good cycle control and should not cause weight increase. The position of NuvaRing in the vagina is not critical and one size fits all.

However, as it contains the same hormones as the pill, it also has the same difficulties that can be associated with oral contraceptives. Furthermore, some partners may be able to feel the ring in place and there may also be an increase in the amount of vaginal discharge that the woman experiences. NuvaRing will be more expensive than a packet of oral contraceptive pills and some women will be reluctant to put even a flexible ring into their vagina but it will give women a new choice in the way that they take their hormonal contraception.