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By 7 March 2002October 8th, 2018News

– Release date: 07 March 2002

The Irish Family Planning Association has said that the rejection of the Government's referendum on abortion was a victory for common sense and it called for the immediate enactment of legislation to take account of the risk of suicide as a basis for legal abortion in Ireland.

"Despite the confusion, scare-mongering and deception which has characterised the Government's campaign for a yes vote, common sense has prevailed. Today's vote is a statement by the Irish people that they want to move forward on the issue of abortion," said Tony O'Brien, IFPA Chief Executive.

"The stories of the women at the centre of the abortion debate won-out today. The Deirdre De Barra's of Ireland garnered the sympathy and support of voters.

"It is our view that if the Irish people had been asked to approve legal abortion in limited circumstances, such as in cases of foetal abnormalities incompatible with life, rape or incest, they would have given their approval. The campaign for such legal abortions starts today.

"Meanwhile, the task of preventing crisis pregnancies must become a priority for Government and service providers. While the IFPA looks forward to working with the Crisis Pregnancy Agency, we need more than an agency if we are to see a genuine reduction in Irish abortions. Legislative and policy changes are required and the Government is the only body which can effect such change."

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