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O’Shea report on abortion: Oireachtas must ensure urgent reform of abortion law –  Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA)

By 25 April 2023News

The Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) welcomes the publication, today (25.04.23), of barrister Marie O’Shea’s report on the review of the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Act 2018.

Commenting on the publication, IFPA Chief Executive, Niall Behan said: “This landmark report draws on extensive public health evidence and expertise which was not available to lawmakers in 2018.

“Ms O’Shea’s comprehensive, evidence-based analysis creates a clear political imperative to strengthen abortion services and secure abortion care into the future. The Government and the Oireachtas must act promptly to ensure the harms, delays and barriers that currently impede access to abortion care are addressed, through both legislative and operational reforms.

“Political foot-dragging cannot be allowed to stand in the way of legislative reforms that can address these harms and deliver much needed improvements in access and in the quality of abortion care.”

Mr Behan said: “Health policy cannot be frozen in time by the law or by political inertia. Failure to act on the legislative and operational implications of the report would be a serious disservice to women and to the health system.

“The Constitution enables the Oireachtas to review abortion policy in line with evidence and best practice standards. The O’Shea report must lead to reforms that fully align abortion care provision with international best practice and respond to the needs of service users so that abortion care is accessible for all who need it, without unnecessary barriers.”

The IFPA will further examine the report findings and offer its more detailed consideration to the Minister for Health.



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  • The report can be accessed here.


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