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Irish Women Speak Out About Their Abortions. – Unique Seminar to be held in Dublin

By 22 October 2000October 8th, 2018News

– Release date: 23 October 2000

Jean's Story: "In 25 years I had had seven children and two miscarriages. I couldn't believe that at 45 I was having an abortion."

The IFPA today announced details of a major seminar on abortion to be held at Trinity College Dublin on Saturday 4th November 2000. This unique seminar will feature the stories of Irish women who have had abortions in England and will lift the cloak of secrecy which has shielded Irish public life from hearing about the real life women who make this journey.

Voices of Reason II. Perspectives on the Reality of Irish Abortion – Irish Women Tell Their Stories is the second in a series of bi-annual seminars which challenge public perceptions of the abortion issue and the debate which surrounds it. This year's seminar invites the Irish public and policymakers to look behind the statistics and experience the stark reality that is Irish women's experience of Abortion.

Women's Stories will be read by well-known Irish people including Frances Fitzgerald TD, Inez Mc Cormack, Proinsias de Rossa MEP, Theo Dorgan, Nial Stokes and Nell Mc Cafferty at a unique educational seminar organised by the IFPA and moderated by Irish Times columnist and Sunday Times Art Critic Medb Ruane.

Voices of Reason II will be held on Saturday November 4th 2000 at 1.45pm in The Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin. Advance registration is strongly recommended. Some places may be available on the day, but cannot be guaranteed. Registration fees are £5 (waged) and £3.00 (unwaged).

All public enquiries and registration to 01 878 0366 or by post to the IFPA's National Office.