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Ireland’s Victorian abortion laws highlighted at St Patrick’s Day event in Washington

By 17 March 2011October 8th, 2018News

17 March 2011

A reproductive rights delegation from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland held a well-attended briefing event on Capitol Hill today to raise awareness of Ireland’s draconian abortion laws.

Abortion is criminalised in almost all circumstances in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. A law from 1861, which is still in force today, imposes a penalty of life imprisonment for any woman or girl who has an illegal abortion on the island of Ireland.

Members of the Irish delegation included Dawn Purvis, Member of the Legislative Assembly in Northern Ireland; Liz McManus, Former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party in the Republic of Ireland; Niall Behan, Chief Executive of the Irish Family Planning Association; and Audrey Simpson, Director of the Family Planning Association in Northern Ireland.

The event, which was hosted by Representative Louise Slaughter and Representative Diana DeGette and organised by Catholics for Choice, aimed to inform Senators, Members of Congress and non-governmental organisations about how 150 year old laws are applied to deny women and girls access to safe and legal abortion services even in the most extreme circumstances. Attendees learned that the archaic laws in Ireland force over 6,000 women and girls each year to travel abroad for safe abortion services causing severe physical, emotional and financial hardship.

Speaking at the event, Audrey Simpson, Director of the Family Planning Association in Northern Ireland said: “We are delighted with the support we have received from politicians, NGOs and activists. Yet another step forward in securing access to abortion services for women on the island of Ireland.”

Also speaking at the event Niall Behan, Chief Executive of the Irish Family Planning Association said: “Today, when all eyes are on Ireland, we wish to remind Americans of the historic commitments to equality and human rights made in 1998 Belfast Good Friday Agreement and highlight the urgent need to apply these principles to women’s reproductive rights.”

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