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IFPA Statement on ‘D’ Case Hearing

By 5 September 2005October 8th, 2018News

– Release date: 06 September 2005

The Irish Family Planning Association today welcomed the fact that the ‘D’ case has come before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

"We acknowledge the brave step taken by the woman at the centre of the ‘D’ case. Her experience is not unique. While rare, foetal abnormality is a reality for dozens of Irish women. The current constitutional position regarding abortion in Ireland adds immense pain and distress to women already undergoing a traumatic experience such as this. The IFPA welcomes the fact that ‘D’ has sought to bring her specific case before the ECHR.

"In the coming months, a separate case taken by three Irish women, supported by the IFPA, will also come before the ECHR. While the individual circumstances of each of these women differs from the woman at the centre of the ‘D’ case, these three women will also argue strongly that Ireland’s extreme approach to abortion has infringed their rights under the European Convention.

“What is clear from recent legal initiatives is that the ‘status quo’ regarding abortion is not an option. Over a decade after the x case we still do not have basic legislation giving a sound statutory basis to that judgement by the State’s highest court. In addition, thousands of Irish women every year are effectively sent into exile to access a service that is a basic right in practically every other European country. It is time for the political establishment to recognise the reality of abortion for thousands of Irish women and to respond in a humane and rational manner."