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On Sunday 5th March 2017, IFPA Medical Director Dr Caitriona Henchion gave a presentation to the fourth meeting of the Citizens’ Assembly on behalf of the IFPA.

Dr Henchion detailed the harms of the Eighth Amendment to women’s health and how women’s healthcare experience in relation to unplanned pregnancy falls far below Irish and international healthcare standards.

She highlighted how the exclusion of abortion from mainstream Irish healthcare is associated with weak systems that put women’s health at risk.

Dr Henchion concluded by stating how, “A health systems approach where access to abortion is integrated into the reproductive health system” is considered best practice by international health bodies, and she outlined how repealing the Eighth Amendment is the first step to achieving such a system.


Download the IFPA presentation to the Citizens’ Assembly here.

Read the IFPA’s full submission to the Citizens’ Assembly here.