Coronavirus COVID-19

25 June update

Abortion care

Abortion care is available through both of our clinics during the coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic. Most people will have their first appointment by phone and will come into the clinic for their second consultation. You’ll find a Step-by-Step guide to how we are currently providing abortion care here. General information about early abortion care here.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus/Covid-19, are awaiting a test result, or are a close contact of a confirmed or suspected case, you should not come to the clinic.  In this case, both appointments with the doctor will be by phone. You can then nominate someone to collect your Home Care Pack.

Contraceptive coil or implant

We currently offer initial appointments for routine insertion of contraceptive coils or implants over the phone. You will then be placed on a waiting list to have your chosen contraceptive inserted.

If you need to have a coil or implant removed, please contact one of our clinics to be added to our waiting list. We can discuss your options for bridging contraception until an appointment becomes available. If you have had a coil or implant removed, you may need to wait for a second appointment if you would like to have a contraceptive coil or implant reinserted.

If you are having issues, such as prolonged bleeding or pain, please call one of our clinics to arrange a telephone consultation. If necessary, the doctor will arrange for you to be seen in the clinic for assessment.

Contraceptive injection

We are able to see clients for the contraceptive injection. You will have an initial assessment by phone to decide if it is safe to proceed with an appointment in the clinic.

Contraceptive diaphragm

Appointments for the fitting of contraceptive diaphragms are currently on hold. If you wish to speak to a doctor regarding your contraceptive options, please contact one of our clinics to arrange a phone consultation.

Contraceptive pill, patch or ring

We are providing consultations for the contraceptive pill, patch and ring by telephone.

Our staff will let you know if they need to see you for a consultation in the clinic.

Getting your prescription for contraception

There are three options for getting your prescription:

  • We can send the prescription to you by post
  • You can arrange to collect the prescription directly from the clinic
  • We can send the prescription to a pharmacy of your choice

Menopause care

We are providing initial consultations for menopause care by telephone.

We can assess your eligibility for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and provide a prescription if needed.

STI screening and treatment

Appointments are available in both of our clinics for STI screening (testing for sexually transmitted infections).

Cervical screening

Cervical screening can detect signs of cervical cancer in people with no symptoms. If you have any symptoms, such as bleeding in between periods or after sex, or any pain, please talk to a doctor as soon as possible. Never ignore symptoms.

We are currently only in a position to offer appointments for cervical screening to returning clients. Due to considerable demand, we are also operating a waiting list for this service and you may need to wait for an appointment to become available. We hope to recommence appointments for first-time clients in the coming weeks. A full list of cervical screening providers is available through CervicalCheck. Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding.

Some services are discontinued until further notice

  • Fertility visits
  • Vasectomy appointments

We will update this page as soon as these services become available.


There is no charge for early medical abortion, specialist pregnancy counselling, post-abortion counselling and cervical screening.

Contraceptive and menopause consultations are free to medical card holders.

For other clients, our normal fees have been reintroduced. These vary depending on the service you need, and our receptionists can give you more information.

Phone consultation

Getting care via telephone consultation is new for most people. It helps to be prepared. Try to have the phone consultation somewhere private, where you won’t be interrupted. Have a pen and paper with you. Make sure your phone is charged and remember to take your phone off silent prior to your telephone consultation.

If English is not your first language, we will use a phone interpreter service.

It’s a good idea to read the information on our website before you talk to a doctor. At the top of every page, there is a dropdown menu which allows you to read the information in any language.

Clinic Appointments

In some cases, the doctor or nurse may need to see you for a consultation in the clinic.

To keep you safe, we will keep contact time short.  The doctor or nurse will wear an apron, gloves and mask when she sees you. You will also be asked to wear a mask.

The patient room is thoroughly cleaned with antiseptic wipes after each use by a staff member wearing a mask. The clinic reception, waiting room and bathroom are all thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. We have also installed air disinfection systems in both of our clinics.

To help us maintain social distancing, please be on time for your appointment.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus/COVID-19, are awaiting a test result, or are a close contact of a confirmed or suspected case, you should not attend the clinic. Please contact us and we can discuss how best to provide you with the care you need.

Thank you for your cooperation!

We are keeping all the above measures under review, and they may change depending on HSE or Government guidance, and on staff availability.

Updates will be posted on our website,, and on social media (TwitterFacebookInstagram).

We are operating at reduced capacity and there may be a delay between your phone assessment and your clinic appointment. We are doing all we can to keep delays to a minimum. Thank you for your patience cooperation and understanding.

Sexual health during the coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic

If you are sexually active at present, it’s important to take steps to reduce your risk of getting coronavirus and protect yourself from STIs and unintended pregnancy.

Key Tips

  • Only be sexually active with a partner living in your household.
  • If you decide to be sexually active with someone living outside of your household, limit it to as few partners as possible, preferably one regular partner.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after sexual activity.
  • Consider masturbation or remote sexual activity as alternatives to physical sexual activity with partners.

See here for HSE advice on sex and coronavirus/Covid-19.

We are working hard to provide sexual and reproductive health services during the current restrictions.

Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding.