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Fertility Advice

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Stethoscope imageIf you are having difficulties conceiving it’s important to remember that you are not alone − fertility problems affect about one in six couples. There are many treatments available to help you.

While you will usually need referral to a specialist fertility service, most of them require certain baseline tests to be done before they can see you. Our Fertility Advice service fulfils all of these requirements and, where necessary, our doctor will arrange a referral (public or private) for you.

What’s involved?

During the consultation our doctor will take a full medical history. A full hormone profile will be taken from the woman. This is done by blood test. Depending on your cycle a blood test may be done on the day or arranged for a later date. The male partner will be advised on how to arrange a semen analysis through a laboratory service (hospital may charge).

These tests will help determine the nature of your problem and help us decide on the most appropriate next step (referral hospital or a fertility clinic).

There will be two further investigations carried out where appropriate, both by means of a blood test:

  1. Progesterone level test: this must be timed carefully with a womans' cycle and can help to establish if the ovaries are producing eggs.
  2. Antimullerian hormone test: this is a way to estimate ovarian reserve and helps to decide how urgent your referral is. There is an additional fee of €50 for this test.


The total cost for the consultation and the above investigations is

  • €200 (individual) / €250 (with partner)


  • €250 (individual) / €300 (with partner) including the Antimullerian hormone test.

This also includes provision and explanation of results either face to face or by phone, depending on your personal preference. A repeat consultation costs €60.

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