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Menopause Symptoms

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Menopause is the phase in a woman’s life when she no longer menstruates. Every woman will approach this stage in life at some point but how do you know when it is approaching? Below are some of the most common signs and symptoms of menopause.

Hot and Cold Flushes or Night Sweats – A very good sign that you are going through menopause is experiencing hot or cold flashes and night sweats. This is usually a result of hormonal changes as a result of menopause.

Irregular Periods – Having irregular periods is a sign that you are approaching menopause. For some women, however, periods may be more frequent as they approach menopause. Just about all women will have irregular period’s years prior to menopause. This is due to falling hormone levels that occur as a woman ages.

Vaginal Dryness – Although women can experience vaginal dryness at any point in their lifetime, it is very common among those experiencing menopause. Decreasing estrogen hormone levels in the body can cause vaginal dryness.

Mood Swings – There are not only physical symptoms of menopause but also emotional ones too. More than half of the women going through menopause have mood swings. Mood swings that are associated with menopause are often due the emotional reaction to hormonal changes a woman experiences during menopause.

Sleep Pattern Changes – Some woman may also have trouble sleeping or have different sleep patterns while going through menopause. When night sweats are severe or frequent sleep disturbance can be profound. Women experiencing profound sleep disturbances are strongly encouraged to see their doctor.

Low Sex Drive – or loss of libido or less of a desire for sexual activity is usually due to hormonal imbalance but can also be a result of other physical problems.

Anxiety – Hormonal changes can cause anxiety in woman. Even though anxiety is a common problem that a lot of people face, it can be more common in women and those in the menopausal stage.

Headaches – It is not uncommon for women to experience migraine headaches once they reach menopause. These headaches usually start out slow and then build up to a throbbing pain. Many women experience this pain prior to and during menopause.

Weight Gain – Weight gain is another very common side effect of menopause. Attention to diet and exercise can prevent this.

Hair Loss – Hair loss can occur in some women due to hormone changes.



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