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This section provides more in-depth information on IFPA policy positions on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues that are relevant in Ireland and globally.


Information on Ireland's abortion laws, opinion polls, up-to-date statistics, abortion and human rights, the European Court of Human Rights landmark judgment in the case of A, B and C v Ireland, and other resources and publications, including the IFPA's groundbreaking Irish Journey. More


Emergency contraception is a safe, effective and responsible method of preventing pregnancy when regular contraception has failed, no contraception was used and/or in the case of sexual assault. The IFPA has advocated for improved access to emergency contraception for a number of years. More




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Menopause is a significant life event for women and can have a negative impact on women’s overall health. Women’s risks from heart disease, breast cancer and osteoporosis rise after the menopause. However, simple improvements in lifestyle at this time in a woman’s life can protect women from serious health problems later in life. More




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The IFPA is the lead Irish partner of the European Cervical Cancer Association, a registered practitioner with CervicalCheck, the National Cervical Cancer Screening Programme, and  actively raises awareness of cervical cancer prevention. Find out more about cervical screening, HPV vaccination, European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week and the IFPA's Pearl of Wisdom campaign here.



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Turning men on to their own sexual health was the aim of the IFPA's Men Engage Project. At the IFPA we recognise that men are supportive partners, service users, and the best advocates for their own sexual and reproductive health and rights. More




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In 2007, as part of the European Year for Equal Opporunities for All, the IFPA brought together organisations and individuals to explore the issues surrounding disability and sexual health services and advise on the development of publications and submissions. More




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Starting from 1861, this timeline explores the major legal, social and policy events that have shaped the context of sexual and reproductive health and rights in Ireland today. More



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Breaking down the barriers in accessing sexual health services faced by women seeking asylum was the aim of the IFPA's groundbreaking Majira project. More




Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a harmful practice that violates women's and girls' human rights. As a service provider and women's health advocate, the IFPA is committed to improving sexual and reproductive health services for the more than 3,780 women and girls in Ireland who have undergone FGM. More




Global Issues

As part of our work, the IFPA advocates for the implementation of government commitments regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights. We also collaborate with partner organisations and civil society internationally to raise awareness of the importance of sexual and reproductive health and rights for achieving sustainable, equitable development. More.



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Learn more about the international consensus on the critical importance of sexual and reproductive health and rights to development and human rights here.



If you need further information on any of the issues covered in this section or if there is an issue that you think should be included in this section, please contact our Director of Advocacy and Communications at

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