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Post-Abortion Counselling


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We know abortion can be hard to talk about. Women may experience a range of feelings after an abortion. The IFPA’s professional and confidential counselling service is available for women who wish to talk to someone after an abortion. Our counsellors are experienced in supporting women who have had an abortion.

The IFPA's post-abortion counselling service is free. You do not have to have attended the IFPA counselling service before your abortion.

A free post-abortion medical check-up can also be arranged through our counsellors. This is recommended two weeks after your abortion and is to make sure you have recovered both physically and emotionally after the procedure and are not worried about anything. This service is available regardless of whether you have attended IFPA medical or counselling services in the past.



The IFPA is a pro-choice organisation and our counsellors will support a woman's own choice in all cases.

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