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Abortion in Ireland


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Every day at least 12 women leave Ireland to access abortion services in the UK.

Who are these women and girls? You might be surprised. Women who have abortions come from all walks and all stages of life. They are women you know.

Abortion in Ireland is a video developed by the Irish Family Planning Association as part of an initiative to facilitate an open, honest dialogue on abortion and to dispel myths that stigmatise women who seek abortion services. The video provides accurate factual information on abortion in Ireland.

The IFPA produced this resource because we want to change the way people talk and think about abortion in Ireland—we think discussions on abortion should be informed by facts. We believe that for too long abortion has been left in the shadows and the women who have had abortions have been stigmatised.

This animation is intended as a contribution to changing opinions, informing discussions and breaking the stigma.

Join us in the change and pass on this video to others to ensure the debate about abortion in Ireland is informed by facts, not misinformation.


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